1991 Dodge Stealth



The Dodge Stealth R/T Twin turbo has always been my dream car. I first saw one outside a mcdonalds in Winnipeg when i was a little girl and i instantly fell in love. Ive always been a car girl, im a certified automotive tech and a total gear head. In 2016 my jeep was needing replacement and i was recently single and in need of a car

My search for a stealth began, found tons in the USA but not in my price range and i didnt have the means to get it to Manitoba. I was about to give up and just see what was available. Low and behold on the 2nd page of kijiji Winnipeg here was this BEAUTIFUL 100% stock 56,000km original milage twin turbo stealth. I just had to have it!!

Since i bought it ive done a few modifications to it, got a wrap done on the upper half in a satin black giving it a 2 tone look and blacked out the rims. In 2018 right at the beginning of the season i spun a bearing due to bearing rot as the car sat alot before i got her. I took the time and built the motor right. Added the extras and built her strong. Upgraded the oil cooler and intercoolers, injectors, fuel pump, added meth injection and more. Still need to upgrade the turbos but that will come in time. Shes fast, handles amazing, all original features work, there will always be more things to do, but i do want to keep the originality of it as much as i can. She gets tons of looks, not to many of them around, especially in canada. To many shes a car, or a money pit. But to me shes my dream car and absolutely priceless. Theres alot of other classics id love to add to my collection one day, but for now shes my #1. Looking forward to getting it on a dyno soon, and maybe even the track one day

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Kate Kasowan

SMW #: 104 | Hilbre, Manitoba, Canada

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